What we do

The CCMA will

  • Conciliate workplace disputes;
  • Arbitrate certain categories of disputes that remain unresolved after conciliation;
  • Facilitate consultations regarding large-scale dismissals due to operational requirements;
  • Conduct inquiries by arbitrators;
  • Establish picketing rules;
  • Determine disputes about demarcation between sectors and areas;
  • Facilitate the establishment of workplace forums and statutory councils;
  • Compile and publish information and statistics about its activities;
  • Consider applications for accreditation and subsidy by bargaining councils and private agencies; and
  • Administer the Essential Services Committee.

The CCMA may

  • Supervise ballots for unions and employer organisations;
  • Provide training on any aspect of employment law; including
    • the establishment of collective bargaining structures
    • workplace restructuring
    • consultation processes
    • termination of employment
    • employment equity programmes
    • dispute prevention
  • Advise a party to a dispute about the procedures to follow;
  • Offer to resolve a dispute that has not been referred to the CCMA;
  • Make rules on practice and procedure; and
  • Publish guidelines on any aspect of the LRA.