CCMA Presents Annual Report to Parliament:
Article Date: 14 September 2010

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration presented its annual report 2009/2010 to Parliament’s Labour Portfolio Committee today (Tuesday 14 September 2010) in which it highlighted several achievements, including dealing with an increased caseload because of the recession and within a limited budget.

Over the past few years, the CCMA has improved on service delivery year after year, according to Executive Director Nerine Kahn.

“We are proud of being the largest dispute resolution body in the world and you cannot attach a value to that,” she said.

Tanya Cohen, CCMA’s Chairperson, said they had significantly improved corporate governance in the past year with the introduction of new board sub-committees. “We are determined to make sure that our processes involving the public and our outcomes are fair,” she said.

In the year under review, the CCMA saved 14 506 jobs and late awards have been reduced to less than one percent in the year under review, from nine percent in 2005.

In terms of its internal targets, the CCMA achieved 56 per cent, with 11 per cent partially achieved and 33 per cent not achieved. The intention is to improve on this figure.

In the past year, the CCMA’s services have become more accessible with a web-enabled Case Management Systems going live throughout the country at CCMA offices, bargaining councils and 140 Department of Labour Offices. The Web-enablement allows for the CMS information to be accessed with a web browser.

The CCMA was awarded the Gold Award for Public Sector Excellence in the category of ‘Best Reputation: Legal Sector’ in a competition run by a national newspaper. This was based on an independent survey of ordinary South Africans and the award is a significant indicator of the recognition of the work and the role the CCMA plays in South Africa.

The CCMA played a leading role in implementing the Training Layoff Scheme, which is an alternative to retrenchment and arises out of South Africa’s response to the global economic crisis, as agreed between the social partners at Nedlac.

The Scheme allows for businesses facing distress due to the economic crisis to temporarily layoff employees facing retrenchment for up to 3 months. During this time employees receive training from their respective SETA. Employees do not receive their salary for the period of the layoff, but a training allowance funded by the NSF and UIF. The employers pays a for a basis social benefit package.

The CCMA was the primary implementing partner for the scheme.

The CCMA also played a major role in ensuring the success of the 2010 World Cup process by intervening to prevent industrial action.

In anticipation of widespread industrial action during the World Cup, CCMA set up 2010 Units at each regional office.

The purpose of these structures was to ensure labour peace in the run up to and during the World Cup. The process identified, monitored and dealt with occurrences of labour conflict. It involved both a proactive (stakeholder engagement) and reactive (rapid deployment of Commissioners to deal with escalating conflict or industrial action) approach.

The CCMA’s intervention made a difference as the South African event was not characterised by the widespread industrial action that was experienced by previous host countries.

The CCMA intervened in the stadium disputes (2007 to 2008) at Mbombela, Green Point, Moses Mabhida and Peter Mokaba  stadiums, where there were collectively around 17 work stoppages of varying duration, of which only two were protected. All these work stoppages placed the delivery of the 2010 stadiums under severe pressure.

The Civil Engineering dispute (2009) effectively halted construction of all 2010 stadiums and related projects for almost two weeks.

The Transnet dispute (2010) played itself out before the commencement of the event, but severely threatened logistical support in respect of goods that were being imported for the event.

The Eskom dispute (2010) presented a direct threat to the event as it unfolded during the event and placed the hosting of the matches including the semi-finals and final match in jeopardy.


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